Punk George 7-31-00

Punk George 2 8-6-00

Punk George 3 8-13-00

Punk George 4 9-24-00

The Wall 7-16-00

Brand X Nicotine 7-9-00

Coma 6-11-00

Coma 2 6-18-00

Coma 3 6-25-00

Coma 4 7-2-00

People Watching 5-21-00

Gravitational Pull 5-14-00

Diet 5-7-00

Waterballoons 4-30-00

Stir Crazy 4-23-00

Rigor Mortis 4-16-00

Creative Development 4-9-00

George's First Day of College 1 2-6-00

George's First Day of College 2 2-13-00

George's First Day of College 3 2-20-00

George's First Day of College 4 2-27-00

George's First Day of College 5 3-5-00

George's First Day of College 6 3-12-00

George's First Day of College 7 3-19-00

George's First Day of College 8 3-26-00

George's First Day of College 9 4-2-00

TV Commercials? 1-30-00

Depression 1-28-00

Dream Girl 1-16-00

Fart! 11-14-99

Point of Life 11-7-99

Halloween '99 10-31-99

Stupid Apes 10-24-99

Pants are Important 10-17-99

Witty Antics 10-10-99

Natural Smash 10-4-99

Hopes and Dreams 9-26-99

The Box 9-19-99

Practical Communication through S & M 9-12-99

Understanding is Not Fun 9-5-99

Burnt Fetus Collection 8-29-99

Truth Hurts 8-22-99

Time Killer 8-15-99

Homeless Man 8-8-99

Poople 8-1-99

Kah-Razy 7-25-99

Cultatious 7-18-99

Ravey George 6-13-99

Ravey George 2 6-20-99

Ravey George 3 6-27-99

Ravey George 4 7-4-99

Ravey George 5 7-11-99

The Jar

Ah, the joys of finding a job.

Sometimes it's hard to thank people.

Get funkaaay

Senior Page 1

and Senior Page 2

But What Does it Mean?

Pencil's Dementia

I always do this

Paranoia #1

Paranoia #2

Paranoia #3

Lose Weight, Goth Boy!

1st Anniversary Comic3-25-98

Have some DrugJuice!

Kill IT!

Myth is Cool

Mr. Jon

Jocks #1

Jocks #2

Jocks #3

Everybody needs a hug


American Way #1

American Way #2

American Way #3

American Way #4

American Way #5


Impressive Goth

Mr. Jon (the sequel)

Mr. Jon (the prequel)

Excuses, excuses


Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Graverobbing Series 1

Graverobbing Series 2

Graverobbing Series 3

Graverobbing Series 4

Graverobbing Series 5

Graverobbing Series 6

Graverobbing Series 7

Graverobbing Series 8

Graverobbing Series 9

Graverobbing Series 10

Fun With Chemistry


How about THIS for a political statement!?!

This one's kinda gross.

Tagging is cool.

Learn how to be a hypnotist.

Social Groups

Take lessons on babysitting from George.

Spam sucks.

Funkadelic Pimpotron

What a Fun Game! Mm-mmm!

Poor Little Hamster!

Basketball sucks.

A little effort will go a long way.

Teacher's Pet

George the Lead Singer

Ask not what the community can do for you; ask what you can do for your community!

Never eat garbage.

My so-called friend does this to me.

Man of Action

Cough Syrup- MM MMM! My fave!

Heat sucks #1

Heat sucks #2

Heat sucks #3

Here's part of the Mothers Day Card I made.

Sweet Dreams

Legal Trouble

Here's another Political Statement.

The first Hell George

Return of Hell George

Fun With Axes

Don't Touch the Coffee


Fun With Bondage


Bar Scenes are cool.

This one's an anomaly.

Goth George's first appearance

Goth George 2

Goth George 3

Chainwallet Series #1

Chainwallet Series #2

Chainwallet Series #3

Pills comic

Halloween Goth George comic

Goth George's School of Magic

Never say bite me to a goth.

Artistic Integrity will always survive!

Pencil be dissin'!

Never face the day without a good top hat upon your head.

Good Lord!


A little poetry by Goth George

George and his Pencil and all related characters are copyright 1996-2001 by Flynn Gleason.